Yeezy and GladlyDo, An Unlikely Pair

In a recent series of tweets, Kanye West, prominent rapper and Mr. Kim Kardashian expressed his feelings quite boldly about the costs of college. Specifically, tuition and textbooks.

Kanye (a college dropout himself) blasted tweets about his friend, who makes $370 a day and has trouble paying for their child’s textbooks and tuition.

The backlash on Yeezy has been fierce – according to basic math, someone who makes $370 makes roughly $100k a year – which is more than most, and puts that person comfortably in the general upper middle class.

Even though Kanye may be too concerned for his more than well-off friend, he’s not wrong about the fact that tuition and costs of college are rapidly increasing.

A new study done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, (a Cambridge, Mass.-based private, nonprofit economic research organization) states that increased availability of financial aid accounted for 40% of the jump in tuition costs between 1987 and 2010.

Aaron Hedlund, an economist at the University of Missouri, states, “When you add declines in student loan interest rates as well as expansions in grant aid, the increased access to federal aid accounts for more than half of the jump in tuition.”

The expansion in federal aid over the past two decades was the “biggest single factor” in tuition growth during that period Hedlund said. “If that was the only thing that changed, tuition would have risen quite a bit,” he said. In fact, for every extra dollar available to students in subsidized federal aid, colleges raise tuition by an estimated 65 cents on average, a separate staff report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York concluded last year.

There’s no argument that the cost of college can be a real kick in the pants. That’s why GladlyDo has reinvented the way college kids work.

Not only are they allowed to choose jobs that fit into their class schedules, but they are allowed to work as much as they want, or as little as they want. Students also get to pick what jobs they feel as though they’re the best fit for, ensuring that they’re qualified and not being put on a job that is above or below their skill level.

We believe that all college students should be given the opportunity to make money in school. That’s why we operate the way that we do. We have students who play Division 1 athletics at top tier schools who can still find the time to pick up a few jobs a week and make some money. The feedback that we’ve heard from students coming in on interviews is like a broken record. “I tried to get a job at a (restaurant/store/office) but they wanted me to work a specific amount of hours on certain days of the week, and I couldn’t commit to that.”

When these students hear that we don’t require a quota of jobs per week or a set schedule, their relief is palpable. And it makes us feel like we’re making a difference.

So although the cost of college may be going up and up, perhaps with the help of Kanye West and GladlyDo, we can take some weight off the shoulders of students who don’t want to leave college being $100,000 deep in student debt.

Share if you agree, and hope that one day, GladlyDo will be an opportunity available to college students everywhere! We’re going to need some serious support to get there, but that is the end-game plan. Maybe even North West will be a Doer one day, (but probably not).



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