How GladlyDo Is Changing The Way College Students Work

I read an article today titled “No Sleep Until Graduation” published on the Huffington Post Blog detailing the exhaustion that comes with being a college student. It wasn’t too long ago that the team at GladlyDo was in college, but it seems like the pressure of getting good grades is only getting worse.

Alana Moskowitz, a student at University of Southern California writes, “Between school, work and social life, college students pretty much live from one espresso shot to the next. This is routine for many students, an integral part of the college experience they don’t tell you about in orientation: “Welcome to the University of Whatever, where the health of our students is among our…top 50 concerns?”

Health concerns make up the majority of the article, noting that Universities are notoriously understaffed in their counseling and health departments. Moskowitz says, “This is an especially worrisome note given that, according to a recent study by the American College Health Association, mental health problems for college students are on the rise; 33 percent of students surveyed reported feeling severe depression last year and nearly 55 percent reported “overwhelming” anxiety.”

One thing that GladlyDo knows for sure is that college students have enough to worry about – between grades, athletics, tests, papers, homework, internships etc.- and that work and the ability to make money should not be one of those things.

That’s why we allow all of our GladlyDo “Doers” the luxury of flexible part-time work. Students pick up jobs that coincide with their schedule. They can work as much as they want, or as little as they want. There are no commitment requirements, and no schedules.

Moskowitz reasons that “Since students are unable to skip class, work, or meals, they choose to cut into their sleep schedule.”

We don’t condone skipping classes, and we definitely aren’t fans of skipping meals, so that leaves work. Hopefully one day, all students will have the opportunity to be Doers so that they can regain some balance in their daily lives and be able to make money and get their full 8 hours. Unless it’s the weekend, and we know how that goes. 😉


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